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  • Do you provide other cuisines outside your what is stated on your menu?
    Our menu is a sample only and here at Kwaku’s Kitchen all our chefs/caterers are able to cater to all your menu requirements. We are continuously partnering up with quality-driven, trusted and professional chefs.
  • What are the different type of catering styles you provide?
    Kwaku’s Kitchen ensures quality is at the forefront of all our processes and service delivery. There are four main types of catering services: Food only service: Food is prepared off-site by us, delivered and in most cases set up by a member of the team at an agreed table station in the venue. The client is responsible for serving, portion control and refilling the food. Kwaku’s Kitchen will ensure the food provided is sufficient to feed the agreed number of guests. Buffet-style service: This is a casual style service that allows guests to approach a designated food station to choose from a range of pre-selected menus. The food is usually served/dished and refilled by the catering staff until all guests have been served. This type of service is the most preferred by clients as it is both cost-effective and time-efficient for execution. Sharing/Family-style service: Guests plate their own meals from communal platter/ bowls of pre-selected menu items placed on their tables. Waiter/waitresses will provide enough food to cater to the number of guests per table. This service type is typically the most expensive as it requires a lot of staff, equipment and attention to detail from the kitchen to the guest’s table. Set menu - Guests are served on their tables an array of multi-course pre-selected meals which includes a starter, main and dessert.
  • What is the price range of your services?
    Here at Kwaku’s Kitchen, we pride ourselves on professionalism, quality and personable service. All our client’s quotations are bespoke and tailored to their specific needs. We offer a variation of services, and where possible we suggest cost-efficient alternatives.
  • What is the maximum number of guests you cater for?
    We provide catering services for up to 350 guests maximum.
  • Do you cater outside London?
    Yes, we cater for events outside London and the U.K.
  • Which dietary requirements do you cater for?
    Our team are well informed and trained on all food allergens and ensure we provide alternative food options to cater for specific dietary requirements. We can provide halal meat, vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan options if requested.
  • Do you have provide waiting staff as part of your services?
    Yes, we have a team of fully trained staff who exhibit professionalism and a high standard of service as embodied by Kwaku’s Kitchen.
  • How many catering staff/waiter or waitresses do you provide?
    Each event is different and we ensure to source staff accordingly and to the requirements of your event. It is important Kwaku’s Kitchen is informed of expected number guests for your occasion/event.
  • Are you an insured caterer and what level of cover do you have?
    We are fully insured as a company and our current level of public liability insurance is up to £5,000,000. Should your event and venue require a higher level of cover, this is possible.
  • Have you got your food hygiene and safety certificate & HACCP?
    All our chefs, food handlers and catering staff at Kwaku’s Kitchen have basic allergen training and level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety certificates. Our head chef has a level 3 certificate for his effective competency in HACCP and food safety legislation.
  • What other services do you provide other than catering services?
    We provide a wide range of services including but not exhausted; brunch, 1-1 cooking classes, cooking master classes, small and large scale events and supper clubs.
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